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Buy Your Tires For A Great Price And Have Them Installed By An ASE Certified Master Technician.

Most customers want tires that are inexpensive, good quality and installed by someone who isn’t going to damage their car. If you want a good price, and you want someone who can take care of your car, we can help. Did you know almost every shop in the area buys their tires from distributors that are right here in Tampa Bay? Our tires are cheaper because we have low overhead and we love passing the savings on to you. A lot of shops claim they have the best deal on tires. And some places will even do a buy 3 get 1 free deal (even though we all know the price per tire is increased to make up for the “free” tire). But we don’t play games and we don’t have any gimmicks, we just sell our tires at low prices. 

Tires that are bald or have uneven wear are dangerous to you, your passengers and all of the drivers that are near you on the road. And by living in Tampa that danger increases because of how much rain we get on an annual basis. You know there’s a problem when you slide a little in the rain or stop in the intersection instead of stopping behind the stop sign. You don’t have to wait for a TV ad or a ridiculous sale to purchase tires. We only sell NEW tires and we can get an affordable set on your car today.


If you want your tires installed properly by car guys who will balance your tire properly and not scratch your rims, you should call Full Tilt Automotive. You need technicians who care about installing your tires in a timely manner, not people who are trying to sell you more services you don’t need. We pride ourselves on getting your tires mounted and balanced the same day if you arrive before 10:00 am and we perform installs to your manufacturer’s specifications. We are owned and operated by a UTI Graduate (Universal Technical Institute) who also took the time to earn each of the available ASE Certifications back in 2008. We say that cars are our passion because each Full Tilt technicians owns at multiple cars and we treat your car like we treat our own cars. If having your car fixed properly is important to you – call Full Tilt Automotive today.   

Tire Warning Signs

The picture on the right with a penny is the simplest way to check your tire. To perfomr this test you turn a penny upside down and place it in the middle of the tire tread. If you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head  – you must change your tires because they are dangerously low. There are a few other warning signs and you can see those below.

Car sliding when you hit the brake

If your tires screech consistently when you come to a stop

If you feel your car drifting to either side as you come to a stop

If your tires are beginning to develop tiny cracks in them

Consistent tire vibration

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Other Tire Related Services

Don’t forget the other important parts that are connected to your suspension – these can also help you stop and go.

Brake Repair

We repair all brakes and in some cases we can even offer a lifetime warranty.

Suspension Repair

Fixing everything from shocks, struts, spings and more that keep your wheels turning..

Inspections & Tune Ups

We evaluate your belts, hoses, fluids and more – we only replace what’s necessary.

Our Pricing

Ball Joints

We charge a flat fee for all engine repairs. In nearly all cases we know how how long it will take to perform each repair and we can tell you what parts you’ll need for the job.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes

$80 /hr.

All Cars – No Exceptions

Oil Change, Rotation and Brake Inspection

We use oil that’s best suited for your car – be it Valvoline, Kendall Oil or another. we remove all of your tires, measure the amount of brake pads on each one and then rotate your tires.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And Many Other Makes


All Cars That Take 5W30 or 10W30

Multi-Point Inspection With Tire Rotation 

We put your car on our lift, run the engine, and go through our 130-point check list that evaluates your lights filters, battery voltage, alternator A/C system and so much more

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Vehicles – No Exceptions

Happy Customers

“Full Tilt’s pricing on the tires I purchased was outstanding and the installation was quick and easy. They were more than competitive with the other known stores. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone looking to purchase tires and wanting to have them installed

– Horace J.


I had my Lexus ISF at a body shop getting wheels painted, when I was recommended to Full Tilt after I asked about new tires. Jon was knowledgeable and sold me fire hawks for about 300 less for a set of 4 then I was quoted at Firestone. Since then they are the only ones I let work on my cars.”

– Vu N.

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