Have Your Inspection and Tune Ups Performed By An ASE Certified Master Technician.

We call it Inspections and Tune Ups because we do much more than change spark plugs, belts, and hoses. When performing a tune-up, we take a close look at everything around the part we’re preparing to replace. We check leaks, cracked hoses, broken parts, and irregular engine noise because we want to stop problems before they happen. The extra steps are necessary because our customers deserve to feel confident in their car’s safety and durability.

We know that most people don’t change their spark plugs, replace hoses or replace belts when the manufacturer suggests they should. Most car owners just wait until something breaks and then they deal with it. By that point, other stress has been put on the engine and that’s when you need to consult a trained technician that you can trust. 

At Full Tilt Automotive, we tell our clients the truth. We let them know if a service is mandatory, if it’s a suggestion or if it’s the sort of thing that might be “advised”, but isn’t necessary for your vehicle. If we perform an Inspection and Tune-Up on your car, you can trust that it will be done properly the first time. Bring your car to us and we will explain each manufacturer recommendation so you understand what should be done and why it’s important. Whether you have a sports car, passenger car or SUV – we evaluate your car thoroughly so you can have peace of mind. We pay close attention to recalls, we do all of the necessary inspections and we know exactly how to perform the service you need.


If you want your car fixed properly, you need technicians who know how to perform an Inspection and Tune-Up properly. Unlike many other shops, we are not trying to sell you more services than you need. Many of our prices are listed at the bottom of this page because we’re honest, transparent and we pride ourselves on getting your car fixed the same day if you arrive before 10:00 am. We are owned and operated by a UTI Graduate (Universal Technical Institute) who also earned each of the available ASE Certifications back in 2008. We are car guys who just want to make sure you and your family are safe because we all share the road together. If you want peace mind when it comes to your Inspection and Tune-Up, you should call Full Tilt Automotive today.    

Inspection and Tune Ups Warning Signs

The most important thing you can do is not wait until something goes wrong with your car to get a tune-up. You should consult your car manual about critical services that should be performed on your car. If you’re not sure about any of these service intervals or your manufactuer didn’t create a schedule for you, drive down to Full Tilt Automotive and we’ll help you out.

Car is misfiring intermittently or consistently

Lack of power when you hit the gas

Poor fuel economy

Running rough when started

Engine is slow to start

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Other Inspection and Tune Up Related Services

Depending on your situation you might just need one of the service below instead, call us to discuss your options.

Diagnostic Test

We use diagnostics tools and manufacturer checklist to evaluate what’s hurting your car.

Engine Repair

You deserve high quality engine repair that will have your car running like it was new.


Take the time to fix things before they break to keep your car running consistently.

Our Pricing

Basic Oil Change

We charge a flat fee for all engine repairs. In nearly all cases we know how how long it will take to perform each repair and we can tell you what parts you’ll need for the job.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes

$19.95 /per axle

All Cars – No Exceptions

Oil Change, Rotation and Brake Inspection

If your check engine light is on we will perform a complete diagnososis and let you know the exact amount you can expect to pay to have your problem fixed.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


Most Vehicles – Some Exceptions

Multi-Point Inspection with Tire Rotation 

It’s not enough to just put water in your radiator. You need to clean your system and use the factory recommended coolant to keep your engine running at its optimal temperature. 

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Engines – No Exceptions

Automatic Transmission Service with Filter Change

Our Automatic Transmission Service with filter change is designed to clean the system and ensure harmful contaminants are removed. Stores like Pep Boys charge $159 for this service.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Lexus / And Many Other Makes


Most Vehicles – Some Exceptions

Coolant Exchange with System Cleaner

For this service we remove used engine coolant (also called antifreeze) and replaces it with coolant that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Lexus / And Many Other Makes


Most Vehicles – Some Exceptions

Differential/ Manual Transmission Fluid Drain and Fill

The gears inside the differential distribute engine energy to the axles, and that spins wheels the right way at the right speed when you hit the gas. We replace the fluid to reduce wear.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Lexus / And Many Other Makes


Most Vehicles – Some Exceptions

Fuel System Cleaner

Your fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors are all part of an one syetm that gets clogged with dirt and debris. Improve performance and gas mileage with a fuel system cleaning.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Lexus / And Many Other Makes


Most Vehicles – Some Exceptions

Happy Customers

“I have been going to full tilt for about 3 years now and not once have I had to bring my car back twice for the same issue. These guys are professionals and take pride in their passion for fixing or customizing cars. It reassures me as well to see how knowledgeable they are. When I bring my car to the mechanic it’s like going to the doctor “I need to be explained what is wrong and how they are going to fix it”, and they do just that. My only regret is to not have found then earlier. 5/5 in my book.”

– Patrick M.

I was referred to Full Tilt Automotive by a co-worker, John took care of me quickly with the 60,000 tune up service on my Dodge Ram. Got me in and out quickly with no trouble and he didn’t try to sell me a bunch of extra services I get recommended everywhere else. I recommend Full Tilt to everyone I know who needs their car repaired.

– James T.


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