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At Full Tilt Automotive, we fix your engine properly the first time and we do it for a fair price. It doesn’t matter if you have a weekend race car, a Rolls Royce or a Honda Civic with 200,000 miles – we treat your car with respect and we get you back on the road as soon as possible. Many repair shops base their pricing on the type of car you drive. We base our pricing on how many hours it takes to fix your problem. We always charge $80 per hour for engine repairs and we pride ourselves on getting your car fixed the same day if you arrive before 10:00 am.

Your engine should be repaired by a trained, experienced mechanic who wants to properly fix your problem in one visit. Before we lift your hood, we want to hear what you have to say. We ask the important questions so we can understand if your problem common or unique. Then, we use our experience and our diagnostic tools help us figure out what’s affecting your engine. We pay close attention to recalls, run every necessary test, and we are almost certain of your problem before we pick up the first wrench.  

Our technicians care about solving your problem, we’re not going to sell you a bunch of services that you need. We’re different from the competition because we pride ourselves on education and working on cars is our passion. We are owned and operated by a UTI Graduate (Universal Technical Institute) who also took the time to earn each of the available ASE Certifications back in 2008. We say that cars are our passion because each of our service technicians owns at least 3 cars and we love them like our children. If your car is an important part of your life, you should call Full Tilt Automotive today.   

Engine Problem Signs

All of us have driven our cars with the check engine light on. And most of the time, it’s not the end of the world. But if you see the warning signs below you need to either drive to a repair shop you trust or have your car towed there immediatly.

Flashing Check Engine Light

Your car turning itself off while you're driving

If your car turns itself off when you're at a stoplight

Your car driving at 4500 RPMs and not going up a gear

If your car starts acting like it never has before

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Other Engine Related Services

Avoiding full engine repair might be possible if we can use one of the service below to fix your current problem.

Diagnostic Test

We use diagnostics tools and manufacturer checklist to evaluate what’s hurting your car.

Car Maintainence

Using your manufacturer recommendations and pay close attention to worn out parts.

Inspections & Tune Ups

We evaluate your belts, hoses, fluids and more – we only replace what’s necessary.

Our Pricing

Engine Repair Cost

We charge a flat fee for all engine repairs. In nearly all cases we know how how long it will take to perform each repair and we can tell you what parts you’ll need for the job.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes

$80 /hr.

All Engines – No Exceptions

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

If your check engine light is on we will perform a complete diagnososis and let you know the exact amount you can expect to pay to have your problem fixed.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Engines – No Exceptions

Coolant Exchange With System Cleaner 

It’s not enough to just put water in your radiator. You need to clean your system and use the factory recommended coolant to keep your engine running at its optimal temperature. 

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Engines – No Exceptions

Replacement Engine Install 

This pricing example is for a Chevrolet Small Block Engine that is fully stock and needs no modifications. The price includes the actual engine and the labor to install the engine.  

We can perform an engine swap on all Makes and Models, but pricing varies based on fixed cost

$2,500 /plus tax.

Starts from

Happy Customers

Full Tilt Automotive is by far one of the best places to take a car. My engine was repaired and now my car runs like new. There has been no return for that problem. They are now my go to place for tires and regular maintenance. Keep up the good job. Thanks!

– Carrol M.


I had full tilt install a complete rotating assembly, into my 1971 440 engine block including; crank bearings and crank, install rings to pistons and pistons with connecting rods to crank. Installed the camshaft and timing chain. Lubricated entire assembly. The engine ran perfect.

– Greg D.


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