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Have Your Inspection and Tune Ups Performed By An ASE Certified Master Technician.

To properly conduct a diagnostic test, a technician has to do more than just read the error message given by the check engine, abs or any other warning lights. At Full Tilt Automotive, we don’t stop until we figure out why your car made one of your many warning lights turn on in the first place. We believe that every good technician should want to know what other factors if any, created this problem and what steps we can take to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


We realize that you’re not hiring us to read your car’s error codes – you’re choosing a shop like ours for our expertise. When we work on your car, we make it our mission to ensure you don’t have to come back to us for the same issue twice. We work hard to take a close look at each part that’s related to the error code and we test each one to see if it’s defective. We check for leaks, cracked hoses, broken parts, irregular engine noise, and many other things because we want to stop the problem and make sure it doesn’t come back. At Full Tilt Automotive, we take extra steps because we want our customers to feel confident that they will get to their destination every time they drive their car.


If you want your car fixed properly, you need technicians who know how to perform a diagnostic test properly. Unlike many other shops, we are not trying to sell you more services than you need. All of our prices are listed at the bottom of this page because we’re honest, transparent and we pride ourselves on getting your car fixed the same day if you arrive before 10:00 am. We are owned and operated by a UTI Graduate (Universal Technical Institute) who also took the time to earn each of the available ASE Certifications back in 2008. We are car guys who just want to make sure you and your family are safe because we all share the road together. If you want peace mind when it comes to your diagnostic test – you should call Full Tilt Automotive today.    

Know When It’s Time For A Diagnostic Test

It’s time to perform a diagnostic test when you can’t figure out how to fix an ongoing problem in your car. These test are often the last resort when a pretty big problem just won’t go away. Hopefully, you have someone look at the problem before it starts to affect other componets and turns one big problem into two major ones. As soon as you realize that your car isn’t running properly, you should immediately consult a technician you can trust and they will run test on your car if the following happens. 

Your Check Engine light turns on and won't stay off

Your Tire Pressure Light won't turn off after adding air

Your ABS light turns on and won't turn off

Your A/C will blow either hot or cold, but not both

Other warning lights on your car just wont turn off

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Other Diagnostic Test Related Services

While you’re looking into having your car’s diagnostics checked, you might want to check out these services as well.

New Tires & Tire Repair

Plain and simple – our tire prices are as competitive as it gets and we’ll prove it.

Engine Repair

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Car Maintainence

Take the time to fix things before they break to keep your car running consistently.

Our Pricing

Check Engine Light Diagnosis

This check goes well beyond reading the code that your car’s computer tells us. We look into why this problem is occuring and what we can do to stop from happening again.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

ABS Light Diagnostic

During this check out your car on the lift and inspect each hose connected to your ABS System. This is much more than a spot-check, we fully evaluate your ability to stop safely.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

Tire Pressure Light Diagnostic  

We first check your car’s computer to see if there’s a false reading. Then we check each sensor to see if they’re defective. Once we find the problem we discuss your options. 

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

A/C Diagnostic – Includes Evac Recharge & Dye Additive

We go through each aspect of your A/C System starting with the compressor and fan to make sure they’re turning on. Then we run dye through your system to check for leaks.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

Happy Customers

The mechanics at Full Tilt are everything you look for when going to an auto shop. They are knowledgeable and diagnose my problems pretty quickly. These people are honest with the fixes they suggest and are willing to explain where the problem is coming from, why it’s happening, and how to prevent it in the future. I’ve never come back to the shop to fix an issue they already addressed.

– Ganaelle M.

I love being able to stop by and have Jonathan listen/drive my car when I think I hear a new noise. He always treats me with respect. I never feel like a “women who doesn’t know anything”. That’s nice!

– Sherry H.


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