Brake Repair

Have Your Brakes Fixed By An ASE Certified Master Technician.

A faulty brake system is dangerous to you and all of the drivers near you on the road. If you hear or feel your brakes grinding when you’re trying to stop, the damage is already done. Not fixing your breaks as soon as you notice a problem will lead to more damage to your car. If you wait too long it could even lead to failure at stop lights and stop signs. Before your brakes get worse, you should have a trained technician evaluate your issue. You could have a big problem, or a little problem, but you won’t know until you have your car checked. 

At Full Tilt Automotive, we fix your brakes properly the first time. We also take the time to evaluate each aspect of your brake system before we give your car back. Whether you have a sedan, muscle car, exotic car or race car – we can fix your brakes. We pay close attention to recalls and we perform all necessary inspections before we remove your tire. Becuase of our experience, we know exactly how we will fix your problem begin. 


Our technicians who care about solving your problem, not trying to sell you a bunch of services you don’t need. All of our brake prices are listed at the bottom of this page because we’re honest and transparent. We pride ourselves on getting your car fixed the same day if you arrive before 10:00 am. Our owner is a UTI Graduate (Universal Technical Institute) who also took the time to earn each ASE Certifications back in 2008. We are car guys who just want to make sure you and your family are safe because we all share the road together. So, if you want peace of mind when you push down on your brake pedal, call Full Tilt Automotive today.   

Warning Signs for Brakes

When you hear a high pithced squeal every time you stop, you might have a brake problem. The first thing you should do is look to see if there is any space between the brake shoe and brake rotor. If you don’t know what any of that means, drive on down to Full Tilt Automotive and we’ll show you free of charge.

Squealing coming from your wheel

Brake pedal going down farther than normal when stopping

Grinding that you can hear coming from your wheel well

Grinding that you can feel in your brake pedal

The feeling of your car sliding when you hit the brake


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Other Brake Related Services

Don’t forget the other important parts that are connected to your suspension – these can also help you stop and go.

Suspension Repair

We repair all brakes and in some cases we can even offer a lifetime warranty.

New Tire Sales

Plain and simple – our tire prices are as competitive as it gets and we’ll prove it.

Inspections and Tune Ups

We evaluate your belts, hoses, fluids and more – we only replace what’s necessary.

Our Pricing

Basic Disc Brake Job

This brake job is priced per axle, it inlcudes new brake pads and rotor refinishing on the affected axle only.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes

$79.95 /per axle

Most Cars – Few Exceptions

4 Wheel Brake Job

This brake job is for all 4 wheels, it inludes new brake pads on the entire car as well as rotor refinishing.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


Most Cars – Few Exceptions

Basic Drum Brake Job 

With this service we take out your springs, replace the shoes and inspect the system to ensure the system is in good working order and does not need the drum itself replaced. 

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

Brake Fluid Flush

This flush service includes removing all of the existing fluid and moisture from the system and replacing it with new, clean, fluid for improved braking performance.

Toyota / Honda / BMW / Audi / Bentley / And All Other Makes


All Cars – No Exceptions

Happy Customers

“Jonathan does all my mechanical work including brakes. He only fixes what needs to be fixed and doesn’t try to “sell” other work that isn’t needed. I would highly recommend Full Tilt Automotive.”

– Kim 


“Jeff and John from Full Tilt did brakes on my Honda Civic, had the parts there when I arrived and had the car in and out in less than 30 minutes. 5 Stars!!!”

-Colten G.


You Can Trust Us To Repair Your Brakes Properly

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